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Flower Box - Beauty

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This is a beautiful assortment of 12 large roses in three shades of pink, cream and light green. Each full-bodied rose head is made up of multiple petals with subtle graduations of colour for a realistic effect. The green plastic wired pliable stems feature life-like green veined leaves with serrated edges and occasional small thorns. Including the stem these roses are 40cm long. Each rose head is 5cm diameter and 3cm high. An InterGift postcard will be added to the Flower Box with your personal message on the reverse.

The beauty of Flower Boxes by InterGift:

- No flower care or knowledge needed
- Stem cutting not required 
- No need for water – no spills, no mess 
- No pollen to irritate hay fever sufferers or to stain clothing and upholstery
- Not dangerous to pets
- All varieties always in season!
- Will last a long long time, always looking their best!
- And if you don’t want to go totally faux you can always mix them in with real foliage and flowers – no one would ever know!

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