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Five is a good number. 

 Some great collaborations started with five: The Jackson 5, Five Guys Named Mo, Five Guys, Five…

…and who could forget these five?:  Sporty, Scary, Posh, Baby and Ginger.

In the beginning the five of us liked to think of ourselves as the Spice Girls of the gifting world. Ok so there was one male, no platforms and not one of us could do a back flip without medical intervention. But what we lacked in leopard print we made up for with girl (and boy) power.

Our mission was simple – make gifting fresh, easy and MAGICAL!

Why ‘InterGift’?

‘Inter’ means coming together and what better way for people to do that than with a gift?

We got all deep and meaningful and agreed the whole point of giving a gift is about connecting with people. It might be about making new connections, mending broken connections or strengthening existing ones.

So we’ve come up with the following ways to help you do this…


We work hard to make the experience of receiving a gift amazing.

For us it’s about that warm feeling you get in your belly when you see a parcel on the doormat with your name on it! What is it? Who could it be from? You barely have time to put down your keys or hang up your coat, you’re so excited.

You rip open the zipper tape and in that moment you are a child again, full of anticipation as to what could be waiting for you.

Our Letter box collections are put together with so much thought and consideration that the initial impact is bound to elicit squeals and responses such as:

‘I love it!’
‘Oh wow’

Compare that with coming home to a curled up courier note saying a delivery was attempted but because no one was there the parcel has been thrown over the gate, left in the recycling bin or gone back to the depot that’s 50 miles away etc etc. A little bit of gifting magic just got lost.

Not so with an InterGift Letter Box Gift – from our gifting workshop to their front door we’re making gifting magical.



Could there be anything more special and wonderful than the arrival of a new baby? To mark the occasion we have created the most beautiful gift hampers. What could be a better way to say welcome to the world?


InterGift brings you the most characterful limited edition teddy bears you will ever meet. Silver Tag® Bears are designed in Britain by bear-loving specialists. These high quality collectable teddy bears make precious gifts for friends and family – or yourself!


“I must have flowers, always, and always” said Claude Monet and we couldn’t agree more. Our premium faux stems are carefully placed into a presentation delivery box, designed to fit through the letter box. So if the recipient is not in, it’s not a problem. How lovely to come home to a box of gorgeous stems – all that needs doing is the arranging!